Young Ambassadors

The Young Ambassadors programme was implemented after London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games and is now embedded in schools around the country. Since the completion of the games the role of a Young Ambassador has become even more crucial in order to build upon the spirit and positivity created by the Olympics in order to increase participation in sports throughout the UK.

The main roles and responsibilities of an ambassador are: 

  • To increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their schools 
  • To promote the positive values of sport in and through sport 
  • To be an ambassador and roles model advocating PE and school sport 
  • To be the young people’s voice on PE and school sport in their school and communities
SHSSN Ambassadors

Arnie Hopson (BCHS)
Jack Tucker (BCHS)
Kyle Cannilas (BCHS)

Leah Mahi (BCHS)
Arjit Saha (BCHS)
Ibrahim Ibrahim (BCHS)
Taila Oakham (BCHS)
Tandesso Mandivey (BCHS)
Gina Kullar (BCHS)
Montana Morrison Chase (BCHS)
Roahn Bharath (BCHS)

Will & Leilah (Hayes Park)
Jack & Nevaeh (Pinkwell)
Aaya & Muhanad (Yeading Junior)
Karen & Nuha (St Andrews)
Tia & Merlin (Oak Farm Junior)
Katie & Ollie (Ryefield)
Finlay & Nicola (St Bernadettes)
Louie & Sabrina (Highfield)
Pratik & Malak (Hillingdon)