Young Ambassadors

We currently have ambassadors that range from the primary age group, known as Bronze Ambassadors, through to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum Ambassadors who are from the secondary age group. Past Ambassadors have run awards ceremonies hosted at the Beck Theatre, Hayes with Parents, Headteachers, Hillingdon Mayor and famous sporting stars.

Being an ambassador means that students get the opportunity to work with their peers and teachers to try to encourage others to be more active across the school day and beyond. It is a great addition to a CV when applying for colleges, universities and jobs.

The main roles and responsibilities of an ambassador are: 

  • To increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their schools 
  • To promote the positive values of sport in and through sport 
  • To be an ambassador and roles model advocating PE and school sport 
  • To be the young people’s voice on PE and school sport in their school and communities


My Bronze Ambassador said 'They were amazing, they helped us understand what we were meant to be doing, clear explaining and they were good at giving us ideas for the games.'

I was particularly impressed by not only the confidence and leadership skills displayed by our students but also by their commitment to high ideals of promoting “common good” and an attitude to “making a difference”. I am sure such dispositions is a source of pride for staff, parents and wider community and also an excellent preparation for life for our students.”