Why Barnhill?

Below you can find out more information about the facilities and support we offer.


Work Experience

Level 2 students undertake work experience one day per week. This aids their vocational studies with relevant skills that will assist them in the world of work. Students arrange their work placements themselves, in consultation with the Key Stage Team.

Physical Education (PE)

We take students’ physical fitness and participation in sporting activities seriously. Students are required to complete one hour per week of physical activity, and a variety of different activities are offered to students. Students are also encouraged to take part in the lunchtime and after school sports clubs, which are on offer, covering a wide range of activities.


Students are expected to participate in enrichment activities, designed to develop their leadership skills, as well as making a positive contribution to the school. A number of options for enrichment activities are offered.

Enrichment Week

Throughout this week, Year 12 students participate in activities designed to accompany their curricular development and ready them for their next steps. Students take part in activities that are designed specifically to provide them with experiences and workshops that aid their achievement, as well as cultural understanding.

Community Service

Community Service is designed to make students more aware of the wider community and to promote an ethos of making an impact on the lives of others. There are a number of Community Service areas that students get involved with.


The progression of students to Higher Education is something the Key Stage 4 team takes very seriously. Students in Year 13 undertake applications for UCAS, and the Sixth Form at Barnhill supports students through every stage of this process, including writing personal statements. Students receive guidance on which courses may be the most suitable for them, as well as for their future intended careers. More information about the UCAS process can be found on the UCAS website.


UCAS Day is designed to begin students’ UCAS application process, explaining the details that students need to know and offering them an intensive introduction to the stages they will need to complete.

Green Day

Each year, Year 13 students participate in a Green Day, to contribute to the wider community outside of school. Students visited a local public green space to participate in a day of picking up litter, clearing and pruning of bushes and maintenance of these communal spaces. Students are able to see the positive impact of their efforts and take pride in the difference they can make to the lives of those who live locally.


Leadership is a very important quality and we encourage our Sixth Form students to engage as leaders in a variety of areas.  Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) is one of the highest profile positions offered to our Y12 and 13 students.  As the very visual leaders of our student body, the SLT is responsible for student voice, representing the school at both formal and informal events and providing role models for younger students.  Being part of the SLT gives our Sixth Form students real life experience of leading teams, communicating to a wide range of people and working on student lead projects.  
The nomination and election process begins in June of each year with posts announced in September.  

Barnhill offers a range of facilities for use by Sixth Form students. These are designed to give you options during your day. Whether you want to work quietly and undisturbed, take a break and relax with your friends, access IT facilities, or exercise, we have the facilities for you.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

We provide a specialist Study Zone in the Learning Resource Centre. The centre includes an extensive library with a large range of books, subject periodicals and newspapers. The library has a large electronic database enabling students to search for books and then check them out easily. As well as a dedicated quiet working area, with soft chairs for just sitting and reading, students have computer and internet access within the Learning Resource Centre.

Work Areas

Students have two additional dedicated Sixth Form work areas for use during private study periods. There is a computer suite and a study room, each is a quiet work area where you will be able to make progress in a comfortable, peaceful environment. When you need to take a break, you can relax in our new Canteen Area.

Careers Advice

Students have excellent access to careers guidance, giving advice to students on their individual pathways and future prospects and students are able to book appointments with the careers advisor. Barnhill recognises how important it is for you to make good choices about your future and supports you in doing this. We offer specialist support programmes for you, including the Medicine support programme with mentoring and advice for those students applying to study Medicine at University. Throughout the Sixth Form, students will have strong pastoral support from a dedicated team, giving care, guidance and encouragement to help ensure that all students achieve their goals.

Sports Facilities

Barnhill has top of the range sports facilities, including a fully equipped gym, specialist dance
and activity centre, and large astro-turf. There is a huge variety of sports available, both within lessons and through extracurricular teams and activities.