Why study Sociology?

The Sociology department’s purpose is to facilitate the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop pupils understanding of Societies around the world, enabling them to excel and thrive within their communities. An array of perspectives, political views, and policies are studied to enhance student’s abilities to analyse a variety of social issues and apply these into the different cross-sections of society.  As a team, we endeavour to mould students to be willing to question their own assumptions, work independently and collaboratively, continuously striving to enhance their articulation and the logical reasoning that will invaluably aid them to be more empathetic and tolerant of the world around us.   

The Programme of Study



At KS3/4 homework is centred on exploring the subject, from reading contemporary news to looking at research done by Sociologists. The main bulk of tasks at Y10 and Y11 will be around exam practice and ensuring each of the skills needed for the essays and smaller mark questions are cemented. 

At KS5 - The department values readiness for lessons, students have continuous HW focused around pre-reading and notes of the topics prior to learning the content in class, thus ensuring work ethic. Other HW will include exam questions such as essays or research around the topics within the subject. 

Enrichment Opportunities 

Royal Courts of Justice
Old Bailey
Museum of London Docklands
Sugar and Slavery
The Suffragettes