Why study Psychology?

The Psychology department believe that every individual pupil can achieve personal excellence. Our purpose is to facilitate the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to understand the explanations of human behaviour.  The subject lends itself to the development of pupils’ metacognition, their understanding of themselves and others via the exploration of the curriculum. As a team, we endeavour to mould students to work independently and collaboratively, continuously striving to enhance their critical thinking, articulation and the logical reasoning that will be invaluable not just in Psychology but also in the making of these citizens of the world.     

The Programme of Study

Psychology is available at KS5 – AQA 

  • Paper 1: Social Influence; Memory; Attachment; Psychopathology 
  • Paper 2: Approaches; Biopsychology; Research Methods 
  • Paper 3: Issues and Debates; Schizophrenia, Relationships; Aggression 


The department values readiness for lessons, students have continuous HW focused around pre-reading and notes of the topics prior to learning the content in class, thus ensuring work ethic. Other HW will include exam questions such as essays or research around the topics within the subject.

Enrichment Opportunities 

  • Freud Museum
  • Holocaust Exhibition
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Zoo and Phobias Workshop