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BTEC Technical in Sport, Activity and Fitness Level 1/Level 2   Level 3 Cambridge Technical Sport and Physical Activity

Why do we study PE?

Physical education helps students to develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies to live healthy and physically active lives at school and for the rest of their life. The Physical Education department believes that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a student’s physical development and well-being. A broad and balanced physical education curriculum is intended to provide for student’s increasing self confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of situations.

The PE Department Team

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The PE Programme of Study

Key Stage 3 – Years 7,8 and 9

Physical education is an important part of school life in years 7 and 8 students cover a wide range of activities both individual and team. Activities include Football, Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Athletics, Rounders, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball Fitness and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. The curriculum is designed to improve student’s ability, athletic confidence and knowledge to be physically activity throughout their life. We aim to foster personal responsibility within our students, equip them with lifelong skills that they will transfer into everyday life. We provide an enthusiastic and enjoyable learning environment, while offering the opportunities for progress along the pathway to excellence for our more talented students.  Students in years 7 and 8 have four hours of physical education one being dance a fortnight.

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11

Students participate in a range of core competitive and non-competitive sports and physical activities. These range from traditional sports to lifetime activities such as fitness; badminton and table tennis. Through these activities students are encouraged to further develop vitally important values such as respect, challenge and determination. Furthermore, students are supported in developing their leadership qualities and the skills to work as part of a team. Students also have the opportunity to take different forms of accreditation in PE. In year 11 students are able to engage with Sports Leaders UK courses. During year 9, 10 and 11 students can study BTEC Technical Sport, Activity and Fitness. This course will allow students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of PE and Sport practically and theoretically.        

Key Stage 5 – Years 12 and 13

Students are given the opportunity to build upon skills acquired in key stage three and four in both practical and theoretical context. Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity provides the students with the opportunity to develop their coaching/teaching skills and anatomy and physiology knowledge. This is a fantastic course for students wishing to pursue a career in sports and or continuing to study sports or physical education at university. Sixth form students may also wish to develop their leadership skills through sport by undertaking one of many Sports Leaders UK courses run at the school.

Important textbooks, resources and websites we use at each Key Stage

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

BTEC Technical in Sport and Physical Activity Level 2/3 Website

Revise BTEC Tech Award Sport, Activity and Fitness Revision Guide

BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness Student Book

Key Stage 5

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity Student Book

Homework in PE

When students start Barnhill the first homework task set is to attend at least one Physical education extra-curricular club to encourage students to join the Barnhill sporting community and try new activities. Depending on the sport there are variety of small homework tasks that are set for students to develop their knowledge. Such as researching netball positions, where they are allowed to travel on the court and the role they play in the team.

Enrichment Opportunities in PE

At Barnhill, we believe that extra-curricular sporting activities represent a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their engagement with the subject and develop confidence and competence that will assist them during their lessons. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity, which we believe has a notable impact on their attitudes towards PE and their understanding of a healthy active lifestyle.

We recognise that students’ will always have a wide variety of interests, which is reflected in the extra-curricular activities that we have on offer. Currently the timetabled clubs include individual activities such as Fitness Gym, Trampolining and Table tennis; as well as team sports including Rugby (Girls and Boys), Football (Boys and Girls), Netball, Basketball and Dodgeball. Many of these sports offer students the opportunity to represent the school against other local schools in the borough. We change the options available to students throughout the year and other sports include Tennis, Rounders and Athletics. 

Gifted and More Able Students in the PE Department

Within the PE department the gifted and more able students are given a number of opportunities to continue their development with the subject. Extra-curricular is extremely popular within the school especially amongst out gifted and more able students. This gives them opportunity to work in teams and compete against other students in and outside the borough. A number of our students have also been given the opportunity to trial for/represent the district football. The PE department also run an extensive sports leader programme giving many students the opportunity to learn how to be sports leaders, run sessions/competitions with the school and borough. 

Students that demonstrate a commitment to their skill and knowledge development by attending extra-curricular sessions are put into a termly draw for the chance to attend a PE trip.