Our Staff

All staff at Barnhill Community High work hard to provide a first-class education which prepares our students both for further study and employment, and to be confident and constructive citizens in our society.


Barnhill Senior Leadership Team 

Headteacher Mr J Jones
Associate Headteacher Mrs T Qureshi
Deputy Headteacher Ms L Hernandez
Deputy Headteacher Mr M Shah
Assistant Headteacher Mr T Rich
Assistant Headteacher Mr D Edwards
Assistant Headteacher Ms K Winter
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Mashida
Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Kichenside


Curriculum Leader of English Ms S Sriram
Lead Practitioner of English Mr A Young
Curriculum Implementation Director Mr A Wootton
Deputy Curriculum Leader of English Ms K Petsopoulou
Deputy Curriculum Leader  of English Mr R Devereaux-Ward
Deputy Curriculum Leader of English Ms S Farooq
English Teacher Mrs I Falad
English Teacher  Ms S Naeem
English Teacher  Ms P Dhaliwal
English Teacher  Mr M Millington-King
English Teacher  Mr S Dixon
English Teacher  Ms H Miesegaes
English Teacher  Mr C Spoor 


Curriculum Leader of Maths Mr S Jones
Deputy Curriculum Leader of Maths Mr H Chentouf
Assistant Curriculum Leader Maths YR12 Dr M Liadi
Assistant Curriculum Leader Ms M Bhachu
Assistant Curriculum Leader Ms S Ahmed Hagi
Head of Year 10  Maths Mr A Abdillahi
Head of Year 11 Maths Ms N Clark
Assistant Lead/Protected Cohort Mr B Watts
Teach First Maths Ms N Jain
Maths Teacher & Professional Mentor Mr P Poonith
Maths Teacher Mr H Benzama
Maths Teacher Mr T Steele-Dadzie
Maths Teacher Ms C Rush-McKay
Maths Teacher Mr J Gill
Maths Teacher Mx N Karthic


Curriculum Leader of Science Ms I Ponnuraj
Deputy Curriculum Leader of Science Ms S Mohobuth
Achievement Leader Mr N Hayyan
Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science KS3 Mrs R Teladia
Assistant Curriculum Leader of Medical Science & Protected Cohort Ms A Sharma
Head of Physics Mr S Thanikasalam
Head of Chemistry Mr S Babber
KS3 Biology & Enrichment Science Ms P Kaur
KS4 Biology & Enrichment Science Ms A Rasoul
Teach First Science Mr A Kojicic
Science Teacher Ms S Zramalval
Science Teacher Ms H Bahd
Science Teacher Ms J Taylor
Science Teacher Ms B Evans-Brown
Science Teacher  Ms C Kelly
Science Teacher  Ms N Qaiser
Science Technician Ms S Ahmed
Science Technician Ms T Bliss
Science Technician Ms V Wright

Social Science 

Curriculum Leader of Social Science  Mr S Wallace 
Curriculum Lead Life Skills Ms C Jumpp-Graham
Social Science Ms A Ahmed

Business & IT 

Curriculum Leader of Business and Enterprise Mr J Church 
Curriculum Leader of Economics and Accounting Ms M Moore
Curriculum Leader of Computer Science Ms N Liban
Deputy Curriculum Leader of Business Ms H Newell
Head of Year 7 & Teacher of Business Mrs A Kanda 
Applied Computer Science/IT Ms J Jacobs
Computing Mr J Coleman

Creative Design | Photography | Art | Food 

Curriculum Leader of Creative Design Ms E Balcomb
Creative Design  Mrs S Arjoon
Art & Photography Ms L Mansell
Art & Photography Ms C Baxter
Art Technician Ms K Amjad
Head of Technology Ms L Luke

Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Leader of MFL Ms V Castry
Deputy Curriculum Leader of MFL Ms C Abélard 
Assistant Curriculum Leader of MFL Ms Z Khadra 
Academic Mentor of MFL Ms M Fernandez
MFL Teacher Ms M Anani Agbo
MFL Teacher Ms I Aguilera 
MFL Teacher Mr J Forde

Music | Dance | Drama 

Head of Drama Mr G Pilkington
Curriculum Leader of Music Mr R Taylor
Music Teacher Mr C Jones
Dance Curriculum Leader/Teacher  Ms S Bhandari


Curriculum Leader of History Mr A Khan
Assistant Head Teacher History Ms S Kichenside
ECT Mentor/History  Ms L Swain
Head of Year 13 & History Teacher Ms F Thomas
History Teacher Mr M Liddell


Curriculum Leader of Geography Ms J Panesar
Geography Teacher Ms K Kean 
Geography Teacher Ms R Abdullahi

RE | Citizenship | Psychology | Sociology 

 Curriculum leader RE & Citizenship  Mr S Wallace
RE Teacher Mr MI Shah
RE Teacher Ms A Ahmed
Psychology/Sociology Ms L Calaca
Social Science Ms C Love

Physical Education 

PE Curriculum Leader Ms R MacBride
PE Cover Teacher Mr R Charles-Jones
Head of Year 8 & PE Teacher Mr C Clyne
 PE Teacher Ms F Dale
Head of Year 12 & PE Teacher Mr P Shepherd
Achievement Officer KS3 & PE Teacher  Mr D Hillman


Mrs C Gibbons SENDCo
Mrs A Martincevic Assistant SENDCo


Safeguarding Lead Ms L Hernandez 
 Deputy Safeguarding Lead Ms H Snaith 
Safeguarding/Interim Operations Mr C Green

Cover Supervisors 

Mrs S Flowers Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Howard Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Bond Cover Supervisor
Mr R Charles-Jones Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistants

Miss  S Bhattacharjee HLTA 
Mr M Gardener HLTA
Mrs D West TA
Ms R Kaur TA
Ms A Frost TA
Ms A Hyde TA
Ms I Toula TA
Ms M Shutler TA
Ms D Dissanayake TA

EAL & Other Support Staff

Ms G Vokic EAL Coordinator
Ms A Gabriel

 Inclusion Manager, Medical & Welfare Manager and Dance teacher

Mr M Nash EAL TA
 Ms Y Ocakli Learning Resource Centre Manager
Mr N Wakefield Lead Counsellor
Ms S Arjoon Curriculum Leader Access

Pastoral | Learning Mentors 

Pastoral Support Manager years 7 & 8 Mrs D Gill
Pastoral Support Manager year 9 Mrs K Menia
Pastoral Support Manager years 10 & 11 Mrs L Dixon
Inclusion Manager Mrs A Gabriel
Sixth Form Manager Ms C Fitzgerald
Welfare Officer & Mentor Ms G Raychandhuri

Administrative Staff 

PA to Headteacher and SLT  Ms D Nash
Operations Manager Ms D Abram
HR Officer Ms D Hand
HR Administrator Ms S Shearing
Senior Administration Officer Mrs S Palmer
Administration Officer/Food Technician Ms C Lewis
Receptionist/Administration Ms P Healy 
Receptionist/Administration Ms M Markwell
Attendance Officer Mr R Mustafa 
Attendance Assistant Ms S Namaly
Trust Financial Controller  Ms E Nazari 
Senior Finance Officer Ms A Makki
Senior Finance Officer Ms T Franklin
Admissions Officer Ms C Franklin
Careers Advisor Ms M Kindley-Deeks
Website & Marketing Officer Mr A Maciejewski
Reprographics Ms M Johnston
Trust Data Manager Ms R Dhillon
Student Support Officer Ms C Raheman
Technician Mr P Allen
LRC Manager  Ms Y Ocakli
Exam Officer  Mr S Forouhesh