Why study Music?

To be musically literate and to have your own musical identity is core to the curriculum of music at Barnhill. When students can hold a conversation with another musician when talking about their own and others music, they will be musically literate. When students can write their own music which evidences their musical fingerprints, and is distinctly their own music, they will have a musical identity.  

Programme of Study

Year 7 study core musical skills of rhythm, piano skills, musical structure, melody and harmony and a unit on minimalism and EDM. Year 8 develop these core skills in context, through the study of fanfares, an intermediate piano skills topic, raga, blues, film music and reggae. Year 9 then continue to build on these core skills and contextual knowledge by using them as a professional musician might, writing their own song, performing in a rock/pop band, studying a band jazz performance piece and music production. 

This all leads to GCSE and A-Level study, where students are expected to perform in groups, perform alone, compose in a range of genres/styles and listen to music discerningly. 

Useful Resources

Focus on Sound is used in the school for all homework and is a great resource for revision. Students also receive a music booklet each year, which contains everything they need for lessons. 

GCSE follows the Eduqas exam board, textbooks for which can be found here.   


Homework at KS3 is set every 2 weeks. All homework is set via Focus on Sound. Students are given opportunities in the 2 weeks to complete their homework inside the music department if they are unable to complete it at home. 

Enrichment Opportunities 

The music department runs a range of extra-curricular opportunities for students. We are running a whole school choir, two instrumental bands and a music production club. We also offer a range of trips, past examples including Beck Theatre performance opportunities, Royal Albert Hall concerts, Southbank Centre trips, the Musical Museum, as well as professional performers attending the school to perform in assemblies.