KS3 Pathways

We begin our students’ CEIAG journey in KS3 since we believe it is important that your child starts engaging with careers education as soon as possible in order to reach their full potential.

In Year 7 students attend the Barclays Life Skills workshop to develop their employability skills including resilience and the development of a growth mindset. In Year 8, students explore STEM careers via the M&G Investments and Dell Powering Futures workshops. In Year 9, students are provided with great support during the options process, which includes discussing future career options.

These year groups also take part in whole school events including employer visits, a CV writing workshop and have access to our Careers Advisor, Melanie Kindley-Deeks, whenever they need personal guidance.


For more useful support explore these links:  

Careers Box - extensive and free video careers library on a range of jobs.

iCloud - inspirational stories & the Buzz Quiz to find out your child’s strengths & skillset to help to begin searching for opportunities.

National Career Service - another quiz to find out your child’s skillset.