Hospitality & Catering

Courses & their Codes: 

Why do we study Hospitality & Catering? 

Cooking is a fundamental life skill which we believe every student at Barnhill should be equipped with. With the hospitality industry continually evolving and growing, students who study  the course will inevitably have a better springboard towards the huge industry it has become. The course will also highlight to students the many different avenues within Hospitality and Catering, from fine dining, cafes, bars, fast food to events management (corporate events, sporting events etc.)

The Hospitality & Catering Department Team 

  • Mrs Mitchell – Head of Art
  • Mr Mall – Teacher of Food and Hospitality
  • Ms Arjoon – Teacher of Food and Hospitality
  • Ms Lewis – Food Technician

The Hospitality & Catering Programme of Study 

Nutrition, Catering provisions, health and safety, food related causes of ill health, food poisoning, factors that effect the success of a hospitality nd catering business. Controlled assessment (Nutrition, special diets, different needs of specific groups, cooking’s impact on nutrition, factors that impact menu choices, how does the food industry contribute towards global warming, how dishes meet the needs of customers).


Important Textbooks, Resources & Websites


Exam styled questions relating to subject specific cooking and classwork (used for assessments—mid term). Controlled assessment planning and researching. Cooking preparation. Past paper questions