Health and Social Care

Why study Health and Social Care?

Why choose the BTEC Tech Award in Child Development • Assessment includes practical tasks and assignments. • Content to interest and engage your KS4 child development students. • Planning and teaching made simple: all the support materials you need and a child development specialist on hand. • Differentiated grading across both Level 1 and Level 2 Course. 

Curriculum Intent statement 

The Life Skills curriculum at Barnhill Community High School: BTEC Tech Awards focus on building skills which will give your students the confidence to progress in whatever path they choose. A well-rounded foundation for further study. As BTEC Tech Awards are designed to be taken alongside GCSEs, your KS4 students have the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to everyday and work contexts. This gives them a great starting point for academic or vocational study post-16, as well as preparing them for future employment. 

The Programme of Study

The course is made up of three components: two that are internally assessed and one that’s externally assessed. Our three-block structure, explore, develop and apply, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned. Our assessment structure is also designed so that students can build on what they learn, an 

The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award is equivalent to a GCSE over a two year qualification. 

You will have the opportunity to learn about both health care and social care services, jobs and the behaviours professionals should use, when dealing with people. The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award going to expect you to understand the many changes that happen during a life time, such as physical growth or puberty, learning about ‘people’ of all ages 

There are THREE units that you will be covering, two coursework units in Year 10 and one exam in Year 11 

These are; 

  • Component 1 – Human Lifespan Development     
    (Learning from Sept – January then PSA) 
  • Component 2 – Service and Values in HSC      
    (Learning May-July and Sept to October – December/January coursework) 
  • Component 3 – Health and Well-being
    (Exam in May 2024) 


Year 12 Unit 1 Human Life Span development Exam Unit Done in January and May of each year. 

Unit 5 Meeting Individuals Need Course work component must be completed by the 1st week of May. 

Year 13 Unit 2 Working in Health and Social Care Exam Component  Done in January and May of each school year. 

Unit 12 Supporting Individuals with additional needs Course work Internally assessed. Must be completed by the 1st week of May.

Important textbooks, resources and websites 

  • BBC Bitesize - 
  • BTEC TECH AWARD IN Health and Social Care by Brenda Baker E.T.L 
  • BTEC Tech Award Student Book, Call the Midwife, the lost boy
  • Watch the secret life of 4 and 5 year old. Students can watch other videos that links to children to help them gain understanding of how children develop and play. 

KS5 Text Books 

  • Pearson BTEC National Health and Social Care Student Book 1 Marilyn Billingham E.T.L 
  • Pearson BTEC National Health and Social Care Student Book 2 Carolyn Aldworth E.T.L 


Researching on how babies grow and develop, milestones development. Different life stages.

Types of services provided for different groups.

Different types of policies and how they should be implemented in the work place.

Different types of discrimination.

Health benefits and diseases and treatment.