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AQA GCSE Geography Unit Code 8035 Edexcel A -Level Geography

Why Geography?

So many of the world's current issues – at a global scale and locally - boil down to geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them. Global warming affects countries and regions, food and energy security, the degradation of land and soils from overuse and misuse, the spread of disease, the causes and consequences of migration, and the impacts of economic change on places and communities. These are just some of the challenges facing the next generation, which geographers must help solve.

The Geography Department Team

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The Geography Programme of Study

Important textbooks, resources and websites we use at each Key Stage

Key Stage 3

  • Geog 1 OUP Oxford 3rd edition
  • Geog 2 OUP Oxford 3rd edition
  • Geog 3 OUP Oxford 3rd edition
  • Kerboodle

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

  • AQA A Level Geography Hodder Education 4th edition
  • Kerboodle

Homework in Geography

Wider reading + MS Form (where stipulated on SoW), otherwise Seneca Learning. 


Seneca Learning based on current and past content, teachers may also choose to set exam questions where appropriate/necessary. 



Enrichment Opportunities in Geography

  • Model United Nations conferences and debates throughout the year Royal Geographical Society lectures
  • Fieldwork at KS4 and KS5
  •  coastal and urban fieldwork enquiries

Gifted and More Able Students in the Geography Department

Geographer's Challenge in lessons

Every lesson will have differentiated resources and activities aimed at stretching the most able. Work at each key stage has the opportunity for learning up to the key stage above. There will be opportunities for identified high achieving groups to work independently outside the lessons at a higher standard than the standard levels of progress.