At Barnhill we believe that every child should develop a life-long love of learning and how to learn successfully.  

We want our pupils to be able to thrive when they leave us and believe that this is best accomplished by working hard and learning from mistakes made to continually improve.  

 We want our pupils to have: 

  • Strong literacy and oracy skills to be able to understand meaning and be confident communicators 

  • Strong numeracy skills to allow for financially independence and to interpret trends and patterns 

  • Strong analytical thinking skills to be able to create, design and evaluate ideas 

  • An appreciation of creative processes and artistic merit 

  • A strong grasp of the key knowledge which underpins learning and thinking in all subjects studied 

  • The fundamental skills, knowledge and resilience to develop long-term physical and mental well-being 

  • An understanding of the diversity and culture of the local, national and international communities of which they form a part.