EAL Provision

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The main aim of the EAL department is to develop the level of English for each of its students so that they are able to learn without much hindrance in their mainstream classes. However, there are also other aims that are quite important for the welfare of the EAL students. They include:

  • Assisting students with any culture shock they might experience in their new country.
  • Providing clubs to make the students feel safe in their new environment and find friends.
  • Offering school excursions which provide students with a cultural experience in England.
  • Assisting mainstream teachers for educational and behavioural issues EAL students might be having.

The initial stages of school in a new country can be quite daunting for new EAL students. The induction process at Barnhill Community High School aims to assist the student with any difficulties. 

In addition, the induction process serves to facilitate their transition to their new country and their new educational programme. The EAL department has developed a warm and friendly approach for all new EAL students to the school. The department prides itself for being able to assist students to fit into the school socially and academically. 

Our philosophy is to assist EAL students who need support from their initial stages of Secondary School. All year 7 students are given a standard comprehension test at the beginning of the school year. From there onwards we highlight the students which need more support and based on their English comprehension levels they are placed on the EAL register. 

The EAL teams Mrs Vockic and Mr Nash are always there to offer helping hand. For any queries or questions you can contact us on:

Mrs Vockic - gvockic@barnhill.school

Mr Nash  -  mnash@barnhill.school