Computer Science and IT

Why study Computer Science and IT?

Studying Computer Science will prepare and equip students’ skills for life. The aim is to educate students to be responsible young citizen, be independent learners and leaders. The most important aspect of Computer Science is problem solving, an essential skill they will need to have, as studying this course is a catalyst and a resource for shaping the future. 

Programme of Study

Year 7 

  • E-Safety  
  • Computer skills 
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Scratch and computational thinking 
  • Video 

Year 8 

  • Understanding Computers 
  • Data representation  
  • Block based Python 
  • HTML web design 

Year 9 Core 

  • Modern Technologies 
  • Cyber Security  
  • Programming Principles in Python 
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Planning tools 
  • Interactive multimedia 

Year 9 Computing  

  • Computational thinking 
  • Data representation  
  • Modern Technologies 
  • Programming  
  • Computer systems and logic gates 


  • Component One: Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques 
  • Component Two: Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data 
  • Component Three: Effective Digital Working Practices 

KS4 Computer Science J277 OCR 

  • Unit1: Computer Systems (50% of overall qualification) 
  • Unit 2:  Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (50% of overall qualification) 

Useful Resources


  • At key stage 3 students get homework once a fortnight 
  • At key stage 4 and 5 students get homework once a week