Character Curriculum

Your Character Curriculum journal is the record of your Character achievements during your school career. At the end of each half term, your stamps are awarded based on making the right choices in respect, wisdom, aspiration and community over an extended period of time. Stamps are not given out lightly and have considerable weight in your school career. You will complete your Character Curriculum Passport during special form times each half term to reflect on how you earned your stamps. Students with a significant number of stamps may be considered for a prestigious Character Curriculum badge, awarded by the Character Curriculum Committee of the school, and will become eligible for other awards. Your Journal is expected to last between 3 - 5 years and will be kept with your form tutor. Look after it, it will be yours to take home when you leave school.

The Character Curriculum transcends behaviour, student voice, cultural capital, Careers and PSHE. It is not an academic award. It is a mark of esteem that through your actions, study, progress, behaviour, aspirations and understanding of the school and wider community, you have achieved significantly over a sustained period in your time at school and will form part of your reference on leaving school. It is achievable by all students. Together, achieving our best.

You can read examples of how you can pick up this recognition, but there are many other reasons your teachers may choose to award you a stamp.

Your Journal also contains examples of individuals who have made a significant impact in the world - often renowned for the best of what humanity has achieved, thought or said, and, or shown considerable strength of character. You will also find a section on school role models who have left school to attain great things and have taken time to pass on their best advice to help you do the same.

There are also examples of Enrichment events you can undertake right now, with parental permission.