Why do we study Business?

“The business of business is business”
Milton Friedman
American Economist

At Barnhill, we teach Business and we mean business. We want all Business students to achieve their potential in the future and leave with the world at their feet; whether it be starting their own enterprise or working for a global organisation, or anything in-between. 

This is achieved through the planning and delivery of a challenging and engaging curriculum by dedicated subject experts, who allow students to think creatively and in turn raise aspirations for all. Through the curriculum, students will develop the ability read, write, speak and calculate in manner suitable for the business environment. Students will also gain practical understanding of key concepts through enrichment, trips and case studies. 

Programme of Study

Year 9  

  • What is Business? 
  • How do I make money? 
  • How do I create awareness of my business? 
  • How to prepare and deliver a business pitch? 

Year 10 GCSE Business 

  • Theme one: Investigating small business 

Year 11 GCSE Business  

  • Theme two: Growing a Business  


  • Research tasks 
  • Pre-reading 
  • Annotation of materials 
  • Practice questions 

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Guest speakers such as Bank of England 
  • Visits to local businesses