Attendance Matters - Every School Day Counts

At Barnhill Community High School we aim for our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education and it is vital that they attend regularly and are at school, on time, every day, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.

Why Regular Attendance is so Important

Regular absence can have a serious impact on their learning. Any school absence affects the pattern of a child’s learning schedule and disrupts teaching routines affecting the learning of others within the same class.

Attendance Expectations & Procedures

All term time absences are unauthorised except in extreme circumstances, where a meeting will be held with Parents/Carers and the Headteacher.


Late to School 

A student is late to school if they attend after 8:20am, which is the start of morning registration. Form Tutors will mark student present with a ‘L’ and record the number of minutes late after 8:20am.

A student who signs in late at reception will be issued a lunchtime detention for 40 minutes and should report to the Assembly Hall as soon as lunchtime begins. Students will ALWAYS have the chance to get lunch from either the snack shack or canteen when in a detention over lunchtime.

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