A Welcome from Students

 Dhruv R – Year 7

Secondary school can be quite daunting, it is not easy leaving a place you have been studying and creating memories for 5 years, trust me I know. It was extremely difficult for me. At the beginning of the year I attended another school called Haydon, where I soon settled into that secondary school, but later in the year I changed to Barnhill. I was extremely anxious at first to change schools mid-year, but I slowly made friends, now it is great, and I fit in. You may feel anxious at first and maybe a little apprehensive but trust me! YOU will fit in. Just always remember that you can tell the teachers if you ever feel you are being bullied or anything, there is nothing to worry about! Barnhill is a great school! One of my brother’s friends came to this school and left with straight A*'s, but now the grading system is 1-9, so I guess you could say she left with all grade 9s. All you need to do is focus on studying and try to make as many friends as possible! School is all about education, and you need a good environment for that, so if you ever have ANY complaints that may get in the way of your learning, always tell an adult you trust. Anyway, have fun, study as hard as you can. Until next time, Dhruv

Aarththy R- Year 7

Dear Year 7s, you are going to have a great time at our school. It is amazing place and I know it will be hard because you did not have any induction day this summer, but if you find it hard then you can come to one of us and we can help you around and we can be your buddy's, I know you will have an amazing time at Barnhill.

Anish S- Year 8

Hi, welcome to Barnhill Community High School year 7s. You are going to love this place as much as I did. I came to this school during the middle of year 7. As I soon as I started my first lesson, I knew it was going to be a great place to study. Furthermore, I already made friends quickly. The work set at Barnhill is good and challenging. Furthermore, there are lots of sports here such as football and rounders. There is also a cage where you can play football if you want to. In addition, most teachers are nice here, so you all you must do is behave well and this will prevent you from getting into trouble. Thank you! I hope you enjoy being in Barnhill.

Safiah – Year 8

Welcome to Year 7! My name is Safiah and I am going into Year 9,so I can give plenty of information aboutstarting secondary school here at Barnhill. Firstly, since you have not yet seen the school, it would probably be best to give you an overview and tell you a little bit about it. The ground floor containsthe subject classroomsfor Computing, Science, DT, the Year 9, 10 and 11 bathrooms, the Sports Hall, the Assembly Hall, the Dance Studio, the changing rooms, a Drama room, and the Canteen. There is also the Library and IT support rooms. The first floor includes the Year 7 and 8 bathrooms- easy to find, as the doors are labelled- as well as the English corridor, the Music corridor, the Languages and Maths corridor, the second Science corridor, the Art corridor, and another Drama room. The second floor includes Geography, History, RE, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy classrooms. There is also the KS3 support to the right of the main staircase on the second floor. If you do get lost, there is a map in your planner and the older students are always willing to help you. When you first get here, you will be sorted into a form group, also known as a tutor group. This group of students is led by a form tutor, who registers you in a certain classroom every morning. You will also be put into class groups- these are the people you have lessons with. You will have different teachers for different subjects and will have to move classrooms for each lesson, but as I already said, there will be plenty of students willing to help you out so you don’t have to worry about that. Another thing you might be worried about is making friends. I certainly was- however, it is not all that hard once you find common ground and start to build stable relationships. I made my first friends quite quickly. Generally, friendships tend to start in tutor groups, but you will also be able to make friends within your general class groups. There are plenty of different things happening during the year to be excited about. Sports teams, clubs, school trips, the school play, and a bunch of other things. The amount of extracurricular activities is diverse and there is something for everyone there. I have been on loads of trips concerning different subjects from music to science to history and even things not concerning subjects, so the school year certainly will not be all lessons. I know when I came into Year 7, I wasterrified. AsI was one of only two students coming from my primary, I was constantly worrying whether I would be able to make friends or impress my teachers achieve good grades. When I look back, there was not anything to really worry about. I have a group of friends I can trust dearly, amazing teachers who are willing to help me progressin any way, good grades, which are improving asI learn more, and our Head of Year and other teachers are constantly supportive. The best piece of advice I can give you from my own experience is to head in there and be yourself. Everything else will come naturally. Do not be afraid to ask any questions though. Look forward to seeing you guys next year.

Varathan, V (Year 9, 9TCH)

Welcome Year Sevens to the 2020 - 2021 academic year. I hope you all will enjoy your time here at Barnhill. We are all here to support you throughout your education. We hope you make most of your time here. If you have any doubts, there is always a person who will help you.

Alysha K Year 9

Welcome to Barnhill Year 7's. Now I know it might be scary because you are going into secondary school, but there is nothing to worry about. We will all look after you and there are plenty of teachers you can talk to when you need help. Do not forget to study hard and have fun! 🙂

Brooke C – Year 10

Hello year Sevens! I am Brooke, a year 10 student at Barnhill. I am aware that some of you may be anxious about this new beginning, this new opportunity. It is very unfortunate that you were unable to come to our school and experience a little bit of year 7 life! Do not worry, you will all be fine!! Everyone who has arrived at Barnhill has experienced nerves on the first day, whether it is a teacher or a student. Remember, everyone in year 7 is just as nervous as you. You will find your feet and fit in perfectly before you know it. There are many opportunities available for you at Barnhill and there are many exciting things to do and many people to meet. You will learn many great things in your time at Barnhill, whether that’s life lessons or the curriculum. The common anxieties that many Years Sevens face are “Will I find my way around the school?” and my answer for you is, no you will not, not a first. But you will. “Will I get bullied?. No you will not, everyone at Barnhill is welcoming and we guarantee that your experience at Barnhill will be a good one. But if, for some reason, you find yourself unhappy, there are many people to talk to and there are many people who can help, do not suffer in silence. This time next year you will be settled in Barnhill and have a ton of new friends. Do not worry too much, there are many great things ahead. Stay Safe!

Dancy J – Year 12

Dear Year 7, I'm Dancy, I am in Year 12 and I've been at the school for 6 years. Barnhill offers a range of clubs for you to enjoy and it helps you build a better relationship with both your peers and your teachers. The teachers at Barnhill are here to ensure that you are safe, and you are on track with your education. Along the years, there will be new opportunities to take part in, such as becoming a prefect or head boy/girl. I have been able to build many trusting relationships with my teachers and it has helped my journey throughout. Once you join, it may be scary, but we are all here to make you feel safe, we look forward to meeting you.