Behaviour in the Community

Thursday 11 November - Click here for more information

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing regarding the school’s expectations for this Autumn term.

It is extremely important that students conduct themselves appropriately at school at all times.  This makes the school a very safe and orderly environment where respect and learning come first. I am pleased to report that visitors to the school always compliment the students on their excellent behaviour, positive attitudes and hard work. 

Barnhill has very high standards of behaviour and learning and we are reinforcing the following measures to ensure that our standards are maintained.  We ask that all parents and carers please emphasise these with their children. 


Students should always arrive at their lessons on time.  Any student who is late to class will be spoken to by their teacher.  If a student is late on two occasions they will have a detention at lunchtime.  If a student is persistently late, parents will be invited for a meeting.

Beginning and ending lessons

Students should always arrive on time to class and in the correct uniform.  On arrival in class an activity will be ready to begin work straight away.  At the end of lessons students should pack away and stand in silence.  They will then be dismissed by the teacher.


Students should only wear items that are permitted in the uniform code.  This can be found in the school planner.  Hoodies are not appropriate school attire.  Students must wear their uniform at all times around the school.  Coats should not be worn indoors.

Prohibited items

Students should not use mobile phones or head phones at school (with the exception of Sixth form students who may use these in the study room and playground areas only).  Any mobile phone seen in school will be confiscated.  If a student persistently has their phone out at school then a parent may be called to collect it.  Chewing gum and energy drinks should also not be brought in to school.

Break and lunch times

I encourage all students to partake in the school’s clubs.  Clubs are an ideal way for students to learn and enjoy themselves.  For more information, please see the clubs guide here.  Students should not be in the school corridors during break and lunch unless they are en-route to the canteen or to a club. 

Our full Behaviour for Learning policy can be viewed on our website

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding school life, please do not hesitate to contact the school.