Covid measures at school

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that this letter finds you all well and that you and your family enjoyed the half term and remained safe.

This is a short reminder of the health and safety expectations at school.


Students will continue to wear masks in school to protect themselves and others from Covid.  While many staff have now had a vaccine, its effectiveness against the Delta variant is of concern.  As you also know, students have yet to be vaccinated, leaving them at risk.


Cases in this area have risen by 50% over half-term, so we must all be very careful.  Please ensure that your children are taking regular tests, which they can collect from their form tutor each week.

Before half-term a local school was closed and Public Health England had to attend another to offer support due to the large number of cases.  We must all continue to be very careful.


Many thanks


Mr J Jones