School Uniform

School Uniform Policy Clarification

Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: School Uniform Policy Clarification

At Barnhill we expect and teach all students to ‘dress for success’ every day. Research-based evidence suggests that students who are smartly dressed will focus longer on difficult tasks, act more maturely in school, take more pride in their work and appearance and therefore, become smarter. If you wish to learn more then this short 2 minute video will explain more (CLICK HERE).

We have the highest expectations of student’s presentation and dress and there will be a renewed focus on adherence to the Uniform Policy in September. Assemblies are held regularly with students to this end and to promote the importance of uniformity of dress for reasons of equity, health and safety. I write to inform and clarify the whole-school uniform policy with parents, before uniform items are replaced or renewed over the summer break.

General Uniform Guidance:

  • From September 2023 students will be issued and required to wear a school lanyard with their ID badge. If your child has lost their ID badge these can be purchased on Parent Pay and will be replaced in September. ID Badges are issued free to Year 7.
  • Branded Barnhill uniform is available from Vicky’s Uniform Supplier and detailed information can be found on the school website in the ‘Parents’ section (CLICK HERE).
  • All students should wear a blazer and tie at all times in school with the exception of break or lunch when they may be engaged in sports clubs or other activities outside.
  • All students must have the correct colour tie for their year group. These can be purchased at cost price (£5.00) from the school via ParentPay or for £6.00 from Vicky’s. The tie colours from September are as follows:

Year Group

Tie Colour

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


  • Black and white head coverings are permitted; this is to ensure that students can stay cool in warmer weather.
  • Girls black skirts should be at least knee length and not tight fitting. Please note there are ongoing discussions with the school and its’ community about changing to a black kilt in future. A mannequin is available to view in the School Reception.
  • Black trousers must be tailored and not tight fitting.

Dressing For Colder Weather:

  • Students should travel to and from school in plain, unbranded coats. On arrival, coats should be left in lockers or held over their arms inside the building.
  • Hoodies are not permitted to be worn at all including to, in or from school. They are not smart and do not offer adequate weather protection. Hoodies are confiscated on site pending parental collection.

Smart Footwear:

  • Students must wear smart, plain, unbranded, black leather shoes at all times.
  • If the shoe can be polished and is unbranded then more often than not it will be deemed smart enough. We do permit Kickers though there are cheaper alternatives.
  • Sports or sports casual brands such as Nike, Sketchers or Converse are not smart even if they are black and will be deemed unacceptable.
  • Please do not be guided only by the supermarket ‘Back To School’ sections as frequently they sell black trainers which do not meet the standards listed. Please refer to the following diagram for some examples of permitted and unacceptable footwear:


Mens Slip on Canvas Summer Shoes

Smart, plain, unbranded, black leather shoes

Not Permitted 
White soles, canvas, not polishable

Not Permitted 
Sports branded trainers, wide laces

Not Permitted
Black trainers, wide laces, not polishable

Jewellery, Hair & Nails:

  • One pair of plain metal stud earrings and a watch only; no nose studs of any kind

Plain gold or silver stud earrings

Not Permitted 
Diamond stud earrings of any size or shape

Not Permitted 
Multiple piercings and hooped earrings

  • No rings or bangles whatsoever, including material ‘friendship’ bracelets.
  • Religious artefacts are permitted but should be minimal e.g. the Sikh kara.
  • Hair must be a single, natural colour. Two tone hair dye is not permitted.
  • Hair and eyelash extensions of any length are not permitted and could easily cause a health and safety issue in PE, Dance, Drama or Technology.
  • No fake nails or nail varnish of any colour. Students will not be allowed to access lessons for health and safety reasons in the case of nails and varnish will be removed.

Important Request:  We ask parents to label all items of school uniform with your child’s full name.
This includes the back of their tie as these are commonly misplaced, particularly after PE lessons.

 We very much appreciate the support of all Barnhill parents and carers and we look forward to seeing students ‘dressed for success’ in September. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Pastoral Support Manager:


Yours Sincerely,


Mr. T. Rich
Assistant Headteacher