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  • FAO: Students returning to school

    Published 21/03/20

    For parents who responded to the survey.


    Dear Parents and Carers,


    Re-opening arrangements: 23rd June 2020

    Thank you for replying to the school’s survey for your child to return to school.  This letter contains the full arrangements for the return of students.

    We are very pleased that we will be seeing students again in the coming weeks, after such a long time away, but we must ensure that the school is a very safe environment.  I am sure you understand that school life will not be the same this term as it was when we closed in March.  It is very important that students follow the guidance to the letter and that their behaviour is impeccable.

    There is a page of frequently asked questions with this letter, please use this as guidance.

    Students have been divided in to 6 pods of 15 students per day.  Each pod has a separate timetable, your child will find theirs on the school’s teams page for year 10 or 12.

    • Students should arrive at their designated start time by the Owen Road gate.  Students should not arrive too early to avoid queueing.  If your child is late, they must go to the front reception.
    • All students should bring a packed lunch, because the canteen will not be open.  There will be a 30-minute break during the day.
    • Students should not wear uniform, but clothing that can easily be washed each day.
    • Students should bring their usual equipment for each lesson on their new timetable.  Equipment cannot be borrowed or shared with any other student.
    • Students are welcome to wear any PPE that they wish. 
    • If travelling using public transport, masks and gloves must be worn.  These should be disposed of when arriving, to prevent the spread of germs.  A new set may then be worn in the building though.
    • If your child becomes unwell, you will be notified immediately.

    I wish you all the very best at this time and I look forward to welcoming students back this week.  As always, please do not hesitate to make contact with the school if you have any comments, queries or suggestions.

    Yours sincerely


    Mr J Jones

    Head of Barnhill Community High School

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