World Book Day Celebrations

Staff become their literary heroes, as a school-wide mystery plays out in 5 parts

Staff and students immersed themselves in World Book Day, as Katelyn and Brooke explain.... 

World Book Day at Barnhill was definitely a day to remember. Throughout the day teachers could be seen dressed up as their favourite book characters to celebrate and encourage students to explore the wonders of books and reading. It was a very delightful experience for everyone including the teachers, who enjoyed getting involved and taking part in this exciting event.  

To add to the experience, we read a short story, which was divided into five parts. Every lesson, one part of the story was read to all students in every class at the same time. Every part of the story created suspense and students eagerly listened to every part. Mystery filled the air. After each part of the story questions allowed students to predict what might happen next, and express their thoughts and ideas about the story. All the students really enjoyed World Book Day.” 

Katelyn & Brooke 

Year 10