Special Enrichment workshops as Author visits school

Author of 8 books and Guardian columnist passes on tips to young writers 

Deputy Head Teacher Ms Leonard and whole-school Enrichment lead Mr Potts pulled out the stops to ensure students had a memorable day recently. Author Philip Womack arrived in a special week of reading and writing culminating in World Book Day. Author of 8 books and a writer for the Guardian, Philip talked about the writing process in a talk with all of Year 7 and did a special reading. Afterwards he ran a series of Workshops across different age ranges. Philip enjoyed his day, writing later “I had a lovely time, and how great the school is - it's such a pleasure to see not only dedicated and imaginative staff but also keen and interested children!” 

Meeting a famous author and hearing him talk in assembly about his books, life and ambitions was particularly inspiring. I really appreciated how he spoke about his books and everyone listened with a great level of interest. He taught me an important thing: to never give up and keep on trying! He had a passion for Greek mythology and taught us all that we had passions too, and could pursue them with courage and determination, which I found very helpful. Some students in years 7,8,9 and 10 were fortunate enough to be invited to some special workshops. During this time, we learnt how to write action in a story from a real author who gave us extremely beneficial tips.” 


I was very excited. Luckily some students were invited to workshops. I was able to personally learn how to create a story with the help of an actual author. As a whole, I was truly delighted for the wonderful opportunity. I really am proud to be part of a school with so many wonderful opportunities. This has truly inspired me to write more in my free time and to explore the world of words.”