Students visit Dora Maar Exhibition

Enrichment visit to the Tate Modern 

A mix of Year 8 and Year 10 students visited the Tate Modern to attend an exhibition by the artist Dora Maar. Art teacher Mr Moules led the students through the gallery of contemporary works. Afterwards, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Monteiro led the students on an exciting guided tour of the sights of central London. 

On Monday 2nd March 2020, Mr Moules took us to visit the Tate Modern. My favourite was a room full of landscape and abstract paintings. Mrs Monteiro took us on a guided walk to St Paul’s Cathedral. Overall, the trip was amazing” 


It was a very enjoyable experience. I really learnt that art can take any form. What was particularly interesting was the X-Rays of art displayed at the exhibition. Afterwards we had a small guided tour of central London monuments and buildings, and Mr Moules told us interesting facts about the background information of each building.”