English Literature Globe Trip

In order to develop students' understanding of Shakespeare - one of the core modules for A-Level English Literature - a trip was undertaken to The Globe, London to learn more about the staging, directing and adaption of one of his best known plays Hamlet. 

Students were provided with a tour around this Elizabethan styled playhouse and had a unique opportunity of going backstage to meet with a dedicated group of professional actors who equipped them with the wherewithal to appreciate more perceptively language used by highlighting the subtleties of tone and illuminating the careful craftsmanship of structure and verse. Following this, students had a lecture on the key themes, ideas and motifs that supplemented their existing knowledge of the play and has prepared them well with the challenges of their Literature paper next year. Students engaged in a variety of practical workshops to understand motive, perspective and characterisation and found the event to be both thoroughly entertaining and purposeful.