Year 7 Science Museum Trip

Science Museum Trip- Pupil reports

On Friday 18th October, year 7 took a trip to the Science Museum.

I really enjoyed the science trip because I got to learn about many different things.

First, we went into a large black room that was all about space. I found this room interesting

because of the magnificent rockets and satellites that had been hung up on the ceiling. Also,

there was a sphere that had many different planets being projected onto it. There was also

a voice speaking about them. There was also a cool exhibition that looked futuristic; it was

purple and white with swirls all over the room.


After we had an amazing meal, we went to an IMAX theatre! We watched a movie in 3D about space and our planet. Did you know that your muscles in space weaken? I learnt so many amazing facts about our planet and space. Unfortunately, our trip ended there!



Hi, my name is Imran, I’m one of the people who went to the Science Museum trip. I’m writing this paragraph explaining about the trip we went to.

First of all, we went to the IMAX cinema to see what life was like out there in space. Did you know there’s anti-gravity cups that don’t spill your drink. We went to various exhibits to learn how the cells in our body and world work.

I really enjoyed this and I hope we can do something like this again.