Child Care Trip to the Childhood Museum

As a class in Child Development, Miss Jumpp-Graham took us on a trip to the childhood museum in Bethnal Green and it was very enjoyable and intriguing to go there.

We saw very interesting displays of the toys and items used in the olden times for childhood and children. For example, there were toys displayed in a glass cabinet from the 1900’s from brands that still exist today like Fisher Price, and they seemed very different compared to how technical and updated toys are nowadays, yet still attracted children to have back then. There were also displays of homes all put together showing the inside structure of the house which were the types of homes long time ago in England which looked pretty real and nice; they were structured in an ancient type of way in contrast to how homes are now modern today. 

We went to the gift shop afterwards and it helped summarise how much change there has been for children, such as different games and ways children can pass the time if they are bored. It also showed many different brands that are improved since the 1600s such as Peter Rabbit! Overall the trip was very fun and I learnt new things.

 - Malaika and Isabelle