Your Life You Choose

On Friday 26 April Year 9 students learned of the harsh realities that come with choosing a life of crime. Throughout the day, students were rotated through a series of workshops where they heard about crimes from various perspectives.

In attendance were Magistrates who spoke about the volunteer work they do to keep the community safe; Police Officers who spoke about knife crime, the types of injuries they see, and the life-changing impact these injuries can have on their victims; an ex-offender from the Directions Project who spoke about his time in prison and his regrets. The Youth Offending Team from Feltham YOT and a charity drug organisation spoke about the different types of drugs and the impact they can have.

The students discussed the life choices they have and the consequences of making the wrong choices. The programme encouraged young people  to make informed decisions and to understand that they have a choice about the path they take in life.

The programme was delivered by multi-agency anti-crime initiative – Your Life You Choose (YLYC).

YLYC is a key part of our strategy for getting young people to spot the warning signs and not get involved in gangs and crime.  It is YLYC’s multi-agency approach and interactivity that make it successful.

Some Student Feedback:

“Thank you so much for teaching me today. I didn’t really know any of this. I learnt a lot today.”

“It was a fun day and the message I took home was to take crime seriously.”

“It has had an impact on me – I will not hang around bad company.”

“I will make better and safer choices. I will choose safe friends and think twice before I do something.”

“Your Life You Choose has taught me not to get into bad things and get a good education.”

“I will try to make the best decision for myself and not follow the wrong path.”