A Colourful Culture Day

This year the Sixth Form Leadership, supported by Ms Bertin and Miss Taylor, were able to host the biggest scale Culture Day seen so far.

Students from both year 12 and year 13 dressed up in cultural dress along with teachers joining in too and at the end of the day we hosted a Showcase, parading different fashions on a runway and through music & dance.  

Despite being a sixth form event, we still wanted the whole school to be involved and organised stalls in the sports hall selling cultural fayre from around the world and henna art. 

We raised over £800 for Save The Children, who donate to a range of causes both locally and globally supporting different emergency crisis' such as children in the 'East African Hunger Crisis' and the Gaza conflict, which many students at Barnhill are connected to or empathise heavily with. Armaan, Y12 student  

Here’s what a few students and teachers had to say;  

"Sixth Form culture day was a fantastic occasion. Students and staff celebrated by bringing in food, clothing, and music that was close to their culture. As a result, there was a tremendous feeling of community and cohesion. It is events like this that make this a special to school to be a part of."
Mr Khan, Curriculum Leader of History 

"Dishes, Music and cultural dress adorned Barnhill, mainly down to the persuasion and dogged determination of the sixth form student leadership team."
Ms Winter, Deputy Headteacher

"I really enjoyed culture day as I believe it brought the sixth form together and allowed everyone to express their own cultures by bringing different foods and wearing their own cultural clothing. The outcome was amazing and really positive."
Ryhanna, Year 12 Student  

"The massive turnout to henna and food stalls showed how supportive people from year 7 to year 13 and even teachers are when it comes to expressing their appreciation to other cultures. It was amazing to be a part of such a successful event and the money raised from the event ended up going to a good cause (Save The Children)."
Palak, Year 12 Student 

"It was amazing to see all the sixth formers embrace and proudly represent their individual cultures. I loved the organisation throughout the day, especially the delicious cultural cuisines served."
Ms Ahmed, Assistant Curriculum Leader of Maths