The Power of Debate

Year 12s took part in a dedicated enrichment session on the conventions of respectable debating. The focus of the seminar was on how to debate with precision and decorum, whilst maintaining a persuasive tone through the effective use of rhetoric. 

Students were shown examples of how not to act in a debate setting and teachers then modelled a live discussion on the topic of the Government’s proposed ban on the sale of tobacco products to those born after 2009.

The session included the recognition of a number of current affairs topics, and accompanying statements that one might take on them. Students were randomly assigned the role of either critiquing or defending the statements, and debated a topic of their choice in pairs.

The session concluded by drawing the attention of students to how debate does not require us to be antagonising or condescending. Instead we should focus on debate as a communicative tool for learning, personal development, and the betterment of society.

Mr King & Miss Kelley