Study Skills Master Class

"Pupils achieve well and are exceptionally well-prepared for their next steps." Ofsted 2024

Developing independent, confident and well prepared learners is at the core of our Study Skills Programme at Barnhill Community School. Good study skills can help learners to understand how they learn and what they can do to enhance their learning to achieve more. The programme includes the science behind learning, memory exercises, good habits to learn, effective time management and revision techniques to master exam practice. Consequently building confidence and resilience to approach assessments and exams in a calm, measured and strategic manner to maximise student potential. So far this year  10-13 have all had the opportunity to develop their study skills, in the lead up to their exams.

We work with two different organisations; GLIA learning led by Dr Martijn van der Spoel (Dr. Martijn van der Spoel ( and Elevate Home | Elevate Education, who provide a wealth of experience and expertise to support our students, building their repertoire of learning techniques, opening pathways for future successes.

Richard, Y10 student, shared his experience of the session he attended below:
Dr Martijn Van Der Spoel has helped us realise the control we have over our academic careers by teaching us about the fundamentals of revising effectively, and the psychology behind it through his many stories and experiences.  He taught us that we are our own teachers and that we need to influence ourselves into doing better and getting into the habit of revising.

His main message for us was to CARE to learn, have Confidence, Ask questions, Remember what we have learnt and have Expectations of ourselves. He even proved his methods as he tasked us to play a memory game that helped us achieve a higher score each time.

Overall, Dr Martijn Van Der Spoel was supportive, and we are eager to meet him again in Year 11.