The Rt Hon John McDonnell MP visits Barnhill

Barnhill Parliamentarians meet with our local MP

The Rt Hon John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington, visited the school today to meet with Barnhill students.  Mr McDonnell very kindly spent the morning discussing the nation’s current political challenges, sharing his views and experiences with our student Parliamentarians.  The students shared their political views and entered in to some very high quality discussions.  It was wonderful to see how well informed and aware Barnhill students were.

Mr McDonnell has always been a supporter of Barnhill, from the days of the old school to his work establishing the new building.  We are very grateful for his visit and the excellent learning opportunity it provided for our students.  Thanks also to Miss Love Associate Asistant Headteacher for organising such a wonderful learning opportunity.

Student Leaders - Hannan and Hadi Year 12

We were fortunate to be able to have an enriching discussion with local MP John Mcdonnell. He walked us through his academic journey, and how he ended up in the position he is in today. He also mentioned the history of Barnhill, captivating us with his endless stories. One of which included him occupying our school building so that it wasn't taken over, many years ago! After this, we had the privilege of taking Mr McDonnell on an exciting tour of Barnhill. He expressed genuine admiration for the lessons he observed - he loved seeing the students musical talents! Mr McDonnell was impressed with the student enthusiasm as he walked around. We’re sincerely grateful for his positive feedback and valuable insights, which have left a lasting impression on us all. 

Student Parliamentarian - Nissi Year 10

Today, Barnhill School Parliament  was very lucky to be able to meet the Rt Hon John McDonnell. Mr McDonnell is the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, a position he has held since 1997.

His important role includes him working in the House of Parliament and raising any concerns or problems that people in Hayes, Hillingdon and West Drayton may have. He does his best to make sure our voices are heard. This is what we as Barnhill Parliament are doing for our school community. 

I was nervous about meeting him, but it was a great experience overall. The conversation was very warm and informative. It was interesting to learn more about his job and how much he cares about our area. He expressed how important it is for the people of Hayes to get a say and he does his best to make sure that happens. Including fighting to keep our school open many years ago! 

Meeting him made me realise that MPs really try to do their job and hearing him explain his job helped me better understand what parliamentarians actually do for us. He has a lot of work to do, but it feels like he enjoys it and cares a lot.

I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet our MP. I hope I have the chance to again. Thanks for all your hard work for Hillingdon, Mr McDonnell.