The European Week of Languages ​​​​​​​

Last week, Barnhill celebrated the European Day of Languages on September 26th. This special day allowed us to embrace the rich linguistic diversity of Europe through the two European languages we learn in our school, French and Spanish.

Year 11's best linguists led inspiring assemblies, emphasising the numerous benefits and joys of learning a new language. Throughout the week, students and teachers participated in a 'greeting of the day,' where form tutors introduced students to new greetings in various languages, fostering a sense of cultural appreciation.

It was a week of awareness, highlighting the importance of language learning, not only for enhanced job prospects, but also for the intellectual stimulation it provides. From enjoying films and series without subtitles to impressing friends with fluent conversations in French or Spanish, learning a language opens doors to a world of opportunities and enriches our lives in countless ways. We are proud to be a part of this global celebration of languages and multiculturalism.