Rewards Lunch with Executive Head Teacher

Congratulations to all of our students who were invited to attend!

On Tuesday the 6th November the top two pupils from each year group who achieved the most Lesson Success points and contribution to school life for the first half term had a rewards lunch with the Ms Hemming, our Executive Head Teacher, in celebration of their achievements. 

Year 7

Daniels 7H – 1100 positives – 0 negatives – 100% attendance
Nasrin 7R – 1060 positives – 0 negatives – 100% attendance

Year 8
Safa 8N with 1420 positives,
Mahfuza with 1360 positives

Year 9
Yaqub -1158 positives
Anam - 1046 positives

Year 10
Joana 10R with 960 positive points, 0 negatives

Beyda 10L with 860 positive points, 0 negatives

Year 11
Hanad Jama
Sakariya Jama