Students minding their own Business (studies!)

The Business department arranged a number of curriculum enrichment activities for students.

Year 13 Cambridge Technical students had a visit from Jo Luffrum Lead Sales Manager at Paragon Housing Group.

Linking directly with the Introduction to Human Resources coursework, Jo spoke about Performance Management tools and techniques.  She explained how to ensure that performance management runs smoothly and fairly across a department and how the performance management methods chosen can help to manage and motivate personnel to be more productive in their work.

With over 40 years of experience of management and running performance management interviews, students were keen to hear about stories of personnel who had failed their performance management objectives and how measures were put in place to ensure that employees were not simply fired, but supported to improve their practice and enhance their personal development.

The students found the presentation really interesting and enabled them to complete this aspect of  their coursework.

Year 13 Business students experienced a day at BMW Mini Cooper production plant in Oxford. In the plant all the parts of a MINI are assembled and come together to make road-ready MINI models. 

Students were taken on a tour of the factory lead by knowledgeable tour guide Dave, retiree of BMW who had worked on the production plant for over 20 years.  Oxford is the largest and oldest of the three MINI plants across the UK, and the size of the plant was pretty impressive – we had to get a mini bus (no pun intended) to take us between sites as it would have been too far to walk and too many to squeeze into a mini! 

At the beginning of the tour students were able to look round the small museum to see the changing shape of the MINI over the years. There was even a MINI that was used in the famous Italian Job film… you were only supposed to blow……….the doors off!!   

Students got to experience the exciting elements of car production, from the body shop where pressed steel panels are welded together with the help of over 1200 robots; to the final assembly halls where students cheered as the finished MINI’s were driven off the production line over a grand prix chequered finish line.

A really useful and thoroughly educational day, despite the damp conditions!

Year 12 & 13 Finance Studies met Bank of England Ambassador Miriam Roberts, who spoke to the students about the role of the 300-year-old central Bank of England. 

The presentation linked directly to the Finance Course where students linked topics learnt in class with real world practices.  The presentation covered the importance of people living in the UK being able to have confidence in the economy and maintain financial stability.  Miriam spoke about economic issues including monetary policy, inflation targets, interest rates and how the bank is different to a high street bank.

 Students were interested to learn about the bank printing polymer bank notes, cryptocurrency and the 400,000 bar of gold held in the vaults of the bank, worth billions of pounds.  Miriam also took the opportunity to speak to the students about potential careers in finance and opportunities at the bank. 

A valuable presentation for every finance student counting on their exams results to bank a better future!