Deep Learning Day

Deep Learning Day is a termly event where all students come off timetable to pursue enrichment activities to grow their wisdom, cultural capital and/or personal development.

This term we were ably assisted by a number of visitors who ran a variety of presentations and workshops to inspire students alongside engaging practical lessons run by our own team of talented staff.

The Food Tech department ran a Kings Coronation themed session of which Ms Arjoon said ‘ some students were amazed as they had never eaten a scone with jam and clotted cream and others were fascinated with the concept of a very British tradition, afternoon tea whilst the Art team inspired young artists to get messy and creative.

As part of Year 7s deep learning day they took part in Your Life You Choose programme. The YLYC organisation from Brent & Barnet deliver an award-winning one day presentation from multiple agencies to deter young people from crime, raise awareness of the consequences of their choices and empower them to make better decisions and keep themselves safe outside of school. Students were split into groups and rotated around different sessions, Youth Engagement, Safe Schools, London ambulance service, Daniel Spargo Mabbs Foundation and youth offending service. Students were mature, engaged and asked some excellent questions throughout the day.

A number of students also went on trips including Year 8 music students who visited the Musical Museum and got to see the Mighty Wurlitzer (pictured) and a group of dance students visited Tring Park, one of the Europe's top performing arts school where students delve into doing amazing workshops led by industry experts. Our pupils were fully engaged in both dance and drama workshops who reported on the experience as being "amazing, fun and exciting".

Another group of Y8 students spent the day at Horsenden Hill Activity Centre partaking in a variety of activities including Foot Golf, Disc Golf, Zorb Football and Nerf Gun Battles! Throughout the day there was lots of friendly competition between the students to see who would come out on top as well as a fierce rivalry forming between the PE staff with Mr M Jones winning against Mr Clyne, Mr Charles-Jones and Mr Hillman in the teachers footgolf competition! All students had an extremely enjoyable day despite the wet and muddy conditions!

As members of the Jack Petchey foundation who generously issue grants to use towards rewards and projects, we chose to fund a trip to ZSL following a suggestion from students who, surprisingly, had never been to the zoo or seen a giraffe. Students for the trip were selected based on their conduct and attitude and their contribution to Student Panels, Student Parliament, Parents Evening and/ or Opening Evenings. They were all on their best behaviour and thoroughly enjoyed their visit despite the inclement weather.