Down Time-Tables For Wellbeing

The Problem-Solving Company visited the school to run a well-being day for KS4.

The students had a full day of completing nine team building tasks on the activity carousel. The students developed their team building as well as their respect, leadership and collaborative skills.  The importance of teamwork for students can be felt in every phase of life, be it school, college or in any organisation, because alone, little can be achieved, but as a 'TEAM':





I personally enjoyed the team building session hosted on Thursday during teacher strikes.  This really improved confidence in myself and my year as a whole. I learnt many lessons for example working with people that I never had worked with before, which made our year all come together to compete challenging activities. This was a huge success for my year as we all learned how to work as a team. I'm very thankful for having this opportunity to build my skills in games that correlate to real life challenges.
Isabella Y11

On Thursday during strike day the team building course was a fun and a new experience during our school life - we haven't done anything like this before. 

From the activities, we learnt different skills like teamwork and problem solving which will help us when we start our working life in the future. I think this has benefitted our year as it as relaxing and calming this activity helped relief stress and is good for our mental health. Hopefully we have many courses like this in the future. 
Shiv Y11