Schools Rock at the Beck!

Mina from Rock Band gives us a personal account of her experience under the spotlights

The trip to the Beck Theatre was a really enjoyable and eye-opening experience and I would honestly do it again in heartbeat if I got the chance.  

On the morning of the show, we arrived at the theatre to be welcomed by the show manager and then we started to help set up. During the day, performers from all of the schools taking part had the opportunity to rehearse. 

After set up and rehearsals were done, it was home for a break and get changed ready for the show.  When we returned, we had our final briefing before heading for the dressing rooms to wait for our time to perform.  

The tension that was building up while we were waiting to go on stage really stressed me out and I kept thinking the worst. Once we were on stage, all of my worries disappeared and I felt free. I honestly felt unstoppable when I was singing. The stage was really big which made me feel a bit nervous at times but I got through it and I’m proud of my performance.  

Once we finished performing, the curtain closed and we headed back to our dressing rooms and celebrated. We then got to go and sit in the audience with our parents and watch the rest of the show.  

After everyone had performed, we went back on stage with all the other performers and ended the show with a rendition of the powerful and influential song of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.  

On the journey home, I still felt shocked that we absolutely smashed the performance.  I’m so proud of all of Rock Band and how far we’ve come.  

Thank you to Mr Taylor and Mr Jones, Barnhill Music Teachers, who have given me so much support and encouragement and opportunities to take part in events such as this.  Barnhill has honestly made me so happy and confident in myself; I now find it easier to express myself through music and confidently talk to people about topics that I, myself, can relate to. 

Thank you so much Barnhill for making me feel like I’m part of a community.