Junior Maths Challengers

We are proud to share the fantastic achievement of our year 7 and 8 students in the Junior Mathematical Challenge 2022.  

5 students received GOLD:  

  1. Mateusz (Y7) - 95/135 - Best in School (Gold) 
  2. Kevin (Y7) - 86/135 (Gold) 
  3. Abdullah (Y8) - 86/135 - Best in Year (Gold) 
  4. Mohammed (Y8) - 86/135 - Best in Year (Gold) 
  5. Richard (Y8) - 85/135 (Gold) 

In addition to our golden students, 8 students achieved Silver and 31 students received the Bronze award. 

By virtue of Mateusz’s outstanding performance, he was invited for the follow up challenge (Junior Kangaroo). In the Junior Kangaroo he received a certificate of qualification scoring 81 out of 135. Hopefully, he will be participating in the follow up challenge (Junior Mathematical Olympiad) which will be taking place next year, on Wednesday 14th June 2023. 

Students are pictured holding their certificates awarded by John Jones, Headteacher, (on the left) and Dr Liadi, Maths Teacher (on the right).