Boccia Tournament

On Tuesday 22nd February, the sports leadership team attended and coached a boccia tournament. The game boccia is a way for communities to come together and take part in an accessible way. First, we started with a briefing on how to play the game and then the primary schools who had come from across London started to arrive. We were then split up into pairs and managed a court each. Before the tournament had started, we needed to make sure each team new how to play boccia. Overall, I am grateful for this experience and learning how to teach and play a new sport. Finally, we wanted to make sure each child had a brilliant time and were all included.

By Elouise 


The event that we participated in involved a sport called Boccia, the sport itself is played at local, national and international levels by athletes with physical disabilities. Our job was to handle the separate games that were going on in the court - we had to make sure that the players knew what they were doing, we had to collect points, make sure that nobody was having any troubles while playing, all while making sure everybody was having fun. The players were children from various different primary schools from surrounding areas that played with each other alternatively. The event tested our leadership skills since we had to interact with children that had various different disabilities/difficulties.

The C4L festival was a great experience for all of us. Our goal for the event was to create a set of activities that would motivate kids to take part in sport and enjoy it. We all had to explain and demonstrate our activities to the students, and then take a lead on it whilst they took part. Many of the kids thoroughly enjoyed the activities we had put together for them and left the event with smiles and happiness. The C4L festival challenged our organisation, adaptability and communication skills whilst building up our confidence and leadership. As a group, we all learnt a lot through this experience