Barnhill Radio Launch

First Episode Today!

At 8.25am today Barnhill Radio made its first broadcast across the school site. With topics as diverse as space travel, Pride month, interviewing a Lord, and more lighthearted features, the first episode was an action-packed 20 minutes.

Year 12 hosts Cayden Hall and deputy Head Girl Laila Younis licked off the first show with a topical debate. Next followed two content items from producer Mr Clarke looking at historic leaders who were LGBTQ+, and a student segment discussing a recent interview with a member of the House of Lords. Miss DJ Dale presented the record of the week and students and staff alike remarked on how they enjoyed the show.

Whole-school Enrichment lead Mr Potts commented "this was a real team effort. It took 11 people to put this together, and what's great about this is that each episode can feature fresh content with new guests." Mr Potts singled out Cayden and Laila for their professional hosting, and Cayden for writing the theme tune, mixing and edited the show, adding "we have so much talent at Barnhill, and this is a great vehicle to showcase that."

A podcast of the show will be available from Tuesday 20.7.21 on this page