Students Celebrate Culture in National Event

Year 7 - 9 took part in a National programme of culture and mental health awareness on 24th November as an Enrichment event as part of our Character Curriculum.

Students were able to choose from a range of diverse content streamed virtually into lessons. Choices included Romeo and Juliet direct from the Globe theatre; a performance from the Cirque du Soleil; hip-hop and rap artists; a string quartet; and live features on topics as diverse as sound design, to the importance of inclusion. With over 50 different types of event, there was culture for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks go to Mr Shah for recommending exploring the event. See what some of our students thought below.

"We saw Romeo and Juliet - as I was watching I could understand everything, just how talented they were, it was the first time I had ever seen anything like that.  We saw a piece about beatboxing. I was astonished by how talented they were by using their voices. The scene that I enjoyed with Cirque du Soleil was when the man was on the chair changing his personality, and he was playing the role properly, there was a lot of action and colours and the show was based on so many different things."

Khadija, Year 8

"On the 24th of November instead of doing our normal dance curriculum that we do during our dance lessons we watched the Cirque du Soleil. There were so many things that amazed me like the juggling near the beginning where the man juggled 5 pins, when they got to the net how they were able to bounce so high and do some incredible tricks through the air, how they could hold their breath for so long it really amazed me. I hope that one day I can go and watch it live!"
Eloise Year 8