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  • BGT 2022

    Published 16/01/23

    Barnhill certainly has got talent! 

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  • Pantomime? O Yes it was!

    Published 13/01/23

    A great British tradition 

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  • Winter Concert

    Published 15/12/22

    An evening to showcase the musical talent at Barnhill 

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  • Order! Order!

    Published 29/11/22

    Sixth Form Students go round the Houses to further their political studies

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  • Dodgeball Tournament

    Published 04/11/22

    Y8 Sporting Leaders ensure no dodgy moves in the Dodgeball Tournament

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  • Bronze Ambassador Conference

    Published 03/11/22

    Taking a Leading Role in Sports

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  • Deep Learning Day

    Published 03/11/22

    Laser Tag

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  • 6th Form Open Evening

    Published 21/10/22

    A is for Aspiring to A Levels

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  • Black British History

    Published 17/10/22

    Each October brings Black History Month.

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  • Geographical Brilliance!

    Published 12/10/22

    Kirpa from Y8 has a keen interest in Geography and set about creating a A1 sized (85cm x 60cm) world map from scratch producing the amazing art work attached.

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  • Open Evening 2022

    Published 30/09/22

    The school opened to visitors on the 28th September, with all curriculum areas showing off the best of Barnhill.

    Over 500 parents and family members attended to get a taste for the Barnhill educational experience.

     Each visitor had tour guides from year 8 and the sixth form to see science experiments, drama, dance, Sports and all the excellent work that takes place in classrooms.

     I hope that our visitors enjoyed their evening and think of Barnhill as the choice for their children.

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  • Barnhill Book of Condolence

    Published 12/09/22

    During a mourning period, sharing how we feel about the loss of an important public figure, is one way to offer support and kindness to each other.

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