In This Section

Leadership Group
Ms T Hemming Executive Head Teacher
Mr M Mayne Head of School 
Ms J Fleming Deputy Head
Mr J Jones Deputy Head
Mrs S Roberts Trust Director Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
Mr A Fenlon  Assistant Head: Achievement 
Ms C Lamb Assistant Head: Attendance/Safeguarding
Ms M Moore Assistant Head: Standards and Effectiveness
Ms G Leonard Assistant Head: Teacher and Teacher Development
 Mr T Noakes  Operations Director
Operations Director
Ms A Lynch Literacy, English Teacher
 Mr A Mashida Director of Mathematics and Numeracy
Ms V Connolly Curriculum Leader
 Ms H Newell Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms S Aboagye Subject Leader Computing
Mr D Bessong  
Ms Y Burhan  
 Ms L Talbot  Director of Achievement Years 9 - 10
Mr C Jackson Joint Curriculum Leader
Mrs R Mitchell Joint Curriculum Leader
Mr I Anis Textiles Teacher
Ms G Gulyas Technology Teacher
Ms B. Griffin  
Ms P Ennever Food Teacher
Ms N Rajpersad Curriculum Leader
Ms K Sivanesan Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms M Zywiecka  Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr R Deveraux-Ward  
Ms I Parkin  
Mr J Rodgers  
Ms S Sriram  
Ms V Doma  
Ms R Zamora  
Ms A Hutchison  
 Ms K Petsopoulou  
 Ms S Soomro  
 Ms L Swayne  
Mr R Edwards Curriculum Leader, 
Ms N Monteiro Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr N Clarke Deputy Curriculum Leader ic History and Politics
Mr L Bueno  
Ms S. Bristow  
Ms A. Claeys  
Mr A Khan  
Ms S Wheeler Director of Achievement Years 6 - 8
 Mr A. Khan  
 Mr H Polnyj  
Ms L Smith Curriculum Leader
Ms C Jumpp-Graham Teacher in Charge: Health and Social Care
Mr T Wilson Director of Achievement 
Mr S Wallace  
Mr S. Gaddu Key Stage Director
Mr T Steele-Dadzie Curriculum Leader
Ms N Raizada Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr H Chentouf Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms S Kauser  
Mr M Liadi  
Mr P Poonith  
Ms N Patel Teach First 
Ms S. Chahin  
 Mr J. Gill  
 Ms S Kabisch  
 Ms M Niedzielska  
Ms V Castry Curriculum Leader
Ms C Summers Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms M Anani-Agbo  
Mr J Forde  
Ms H Gillingham Curriculum Leader
Ms T Dodds Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr M Cairns Teacher in Charge: Music
Mr S Mann Key Stage Director Years 6 - 8
Ms M Tupou Director of Achievement Years 11 - 13
Mr J Reid Curriculum Leader
Ms R MacBride Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms M Dorrian  
 Ms F Dale  
 Mr S. Lunnon  
 Mr P. Shepherd  Director of Achievement 
 Mr A Watson SGO/SSCO
 Ms B Cooke  SSCO
Ms T Ball Curriculum Leader
Mr L Macauley Deputy Curriculum Leader Key Stage 3, Key Stag 5 Physics Co-Ordinator
Ms T Wallis Deputy Curriculum Leader Key Stage 4, Key Stag 5 Biology Co-Ordinator
Mr M Janar Key Stage Director 
Mr S. Babber  
Ms S. Barker  
Ms R. Begum  
Ms S. Capoccia  
Mr R Cooper  
Mr M. Hussein  
Ms M. Nkune  
Ms N. Sadaf  
Ms B. Shaukat  
 Ms S. Somji  
 Ms S. Shresta  
Ms S Arjoon Teacher in Charge
Mr B Watts  
Ms L Bond HLTA
Ms S Flowers HLTA
Ms L Howard HLTA
Ms A Martincevic HLTA
Ms S Smith HLTA
Vacancy Curriculum Leader
Ms G Vockic HLTA
Ms C. Muyah SENCO
Ms S Caton Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms S Bhattacharjee Teaching Assistant
Mr F Fernandez Teaching Assistant
Ms H Jose Teaching Assistant
Ms O. Beezmohun Teaching Assistant
 Ms K. Paul "Thinking Reading"
 Miss A. Bedwell Receptionist (Morning)
Ms L Cass Data Manager
Ms D Devgon Finance Manager
Ms T Dyer Trust HR Manager
Ms P Healy Receptionist (Afternoon)
Ms S Horne Examination Officer
Mr R Johnson IT Manager 
Ms C Bhogal Attendance Officer
 Ms C Flaherty Home School Support Worker 
Ms M. Johnston Reprographics
Ms K Powell Admissions Officer
Ms S Roadnight Administrative Officer
Mr V Rupra IT Support Engineer
Ms L Shew Welfare Assistant
Ms J Noonan Marketing Manager
Mr S Simmonds IT Support Engineer
Mr B Sweeney IT Director
Ms M. Arora PA to Executive Leadership Team 
Ms N Tyrrell Finance Assistant 
Ms J Woodbridge LRC Manager
Ms L Brennan Physical Education/APSO year 9 and 10
Vacancy Science
Mr J Ryan English/Media
Ms D Hand Humanities
Ms C Lewis Languages/Food
Mr P Padmakumar Business Studies/Performing Arts
Ms S Palmer Creative Design/SEN/Access
Ms P. Phills Maths
Ms V Barracks Counsellor
Ms L Brennan Assistant Pastoral Support Officer Years 9 - 10
Mr B Charles Learning Mentor
Ms L Dixon Pastoral Support Officer Years 9 - 10
Ms A Gabriel Learning Mentor
Ms E Shortall Assistant Pastoral Officer Years 6 - 8
Ms S Taylor Pastoral Officer Years 6 - 8
Mr M Van der Spool Behaviour Support
Ms T Wiggins Cover Manager/Pastoral Support Officer Years 11 - 13
 Ms K. Vinson Student Support 
Ms K Davidson-Allers Assistant Pastoral Support Officer Years 11 - 13
Ms S Ahmed Science 
Ms T Bliss Science
Ms C. Carvalho Art/Photography/Media
Ms J Jordan Creative Design (Graphics/Resistant Materials)
Ms J MacPherson Senior Science Technician
Ms J Sawtell Creative Design (Textiles)
Ms V Wright Science